The 6th Annual NW Black Comedy Festival

February 17-20, 2022

Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta St.
Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK

This year’s festival will be taking place at two amazing venues in the heart of Northeast Portland. Alberta Abbey, the 380 seat historical theater and Curious Comedy Theater, one of only two comedy clubs located in Portland!

Bigger, Blacker and funnier with more showcases and live podcast than ever before. 11 showcases, 2 live podcast and over 60 Black comics from all over the world will be in town for 4 days and hours of laughter!


  • Young Gunz ( Newer comics but polished)
  • Dirty Angels Showcase (All Black Woman, all the time)
  • House of Hyjinx Heavy Hitters (Seasoned headliners)
  • PDX All Stars (Portlands funniest Black comics)
  • Minority Retort (Premiere P.O.C. comedy showcase)
  • The Blackentours (Black story telling)
  • Red Light Special (Raunchy, dirty and funny)
  • Proud & Out Loud (Showcase for our Black LGBTQ+ voices to be heard)
  • Sophisticated Ignorance (Witty meets ratchet)
  • Ladies Run This Mutha ( All Black Women all the time, again)
  • Big Laughs From The Big Apple (An all New York lineup)


  • Smoke & Mirrors w/ Karlos Kareem Windham
  • A Drunken Night Out w/ Ken Hamlett

“The festival is just a small part of the whole sum,” festival organizer Tyrone Collins says. “Our open mics give us an opportunity to see a lot of the talent and get them booked on shows and get them ready for festivals.”