A Drunken Night Out 

Get ready for an unbelievable night of competition, comedy, & unforgettable stories! Comedian Ken Hamlett brings a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Each comedian will record a live podcast episode in which they discuss stories of drunken debauchery, and then they will do a set sober, the audience picks their drink of choice and then they perform a set…not so sober with an extra catch. The comics will be forced to do improv on crowd sourced topics.

The Blackonteurs

The Blackonteurs is a storytelling show that features all black and African-American performers sharing their stories of triumph, struggle and laughter.

Young Gunz. -This showcase highlights the newest, brightest and upcoming comics on the scene. Young in experience but lethal on the stage! These comics are hand picked by Dirty Angel Entertainment and most have gone on to have outstanding careers in standup comedy!.

House of Hyjinx Heavy Hitters– All headliners, all the time! House of Hyjinx Heavy Hitters features some of the best headliner from around the country. Hosted by festival co-founder The Real Hyjinx this showcase is always high energy, high powered and super funny.

Ladies Run This Mutha! – This is the all woman power house showcase! Voted the “Best Showcase “ of the festival 2 years running. This showcase has featured: Tab Lloyd (Best Comic of NWBCF 2019), Comedieen AK (Best Comic OF NWBCF 2018) And NW Legend Debbie Wooten to name a few.

Proud & Out Loud! – Proud & Out Loud is a comedic celebration of Black queerness in the Great Northwest and beyond.

Minority Retort is one of Portland’s longest running comedy event showcasing people of color in the Northwest and beyond. This showcase has featured David Gborne, Marcella Argello, Rex Naarrete, Vanessa Dawn and Curtis Cook to name a few.