Slink Johnson

Arkansas native Gerald “Slink” Johnson has exploded onto the scene as an in-demand comedian, actor, and producer. Affectionately known as “Slink” he began his rise to superstardom as a successful hip-hop artist before turning to comedy. Heralded for his quick wit and sharp humor, Slink has used his voice and comedic skills to show the world his multitude of talents, including as the star of Fuse TV’s first animated comedy Sugar and Toys. He is also known as the title character in Cartoon Network’s critically acclaimed satire Black Jesus and is a featured member of All Def Digital TV. Slink has appeared on numerous shows including The Super Rumble Mix Show, The FXX series Chozen, Pariah and many others. 

He has also lent his talents as a much sought after voice actor to creator Aaron McGruder’s animated series The Boondocks as well as the best selling Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise as the hilarious character Lamar Davis. Along with FX, Cartoon Network and FUSE TV, Slink has also worked closely with BET Networks, appearing regularly on the hit game show Black Card Revoked and co-hosting the talk show Man Cave executive produced by East 112th Street Productions.

Because of his diverse talents in acting and stand-up comedy, Slink has worked with notable industry producers such as Steve Harvey, Mike Clattenburg, Jody Hill, Danny McBride, John and Dave Chernin and numerous other comedic greats. An artist in every sense, he also continues to perform for sold-out audiences across the country and is considered one of today’s top comedians by IMDb. As his star continues to rise both on stage and screen, it’s guaranteed that Slink Johnson’s exuberant personality will continue to entertain the masses for years to come.